Dearest Friend,

I am a huge Mad Men devotee (aren’t we all) and although I swoon over Betty’s fabulous dresses I have to say Joan Holloway steals the show in my mind. I love her dresses, her hair, her rapier sharp wit….pretty much everything, but above all else I love Joanie’s extensive costume jewellery and bag collection.

As I watched Series 1,2,3 and 4 in quick succession on DVD I was constantly pausing and taking photos of her fabulous outfits, earring and brooch combos, her lovely hard case handbags with scarves (always coordinating with her dresses) tied in a neatly to the handle. By doing this I got exact images to scrutinize and decide what elements I really loved and wanted to bring into my wardrobe.

After spending a lot of time trawling through ebay and Etsy I started to find the ‘Joanie’ jewellery that my little heart desired. I found my biggest win when I discovered the Sarah Coventry label, a costume jewellery label that was sold as party plan in 1950-70’s. I have since purchased quite a few of these lovely sets, brooch and earring sets mostly.

In a few weak moments I have swayed and bought a few ‘Betty’ pieces too.  These classics, mostly some sort of pearl, are the perfect friends for my more puffy 1950’s dresses. NB- these are known in our house as foofinators… but I’ll keep that story for another day.

I try to buy as many vintage accessories as possible to authenticate my look as, sadly, I am rather too curvy to fit into most vintage dresses. So throughout my posts you will see me in primarily reproduction clothing with a vintage feel.


Princess Pin Curls