Dear Friends,     

 I thought with a title like Princess Pin Curls this blog should give you a sneak peek of me with my pin curls in. Pin curling is the technic of rolling wet hair into curls and pinning to the head until dry-this can take several hours.

My everyday regime doesn’t really allow for this time so most days I pop my trusty hot rollers in for 15 minutes to get my curls. This does take its toll on my hair, heat damage can make hair quite brittle and dry.

In years gone by many women would go to their hairdresser to have their hair washed and set, then would sit under “the hood” to dry off and perfect their curls. Sadly few of us have the time or finances to splurge on this sort of indulgence regularly, yet I was determined to have a slice of this retro beauty pie – but how?

Then I found the answer to my hair prayers when I bought a mint condition 60’s General Electric Instant Heat Hair Dryer from a lady at the Camberwell Market. For the bargain some of $30, it came complete with its unblemished warranty card and original Christmas gift tag;”from Ian xxxxx”- how sweet, shame on you girlfriend for not using this FAB product!

This little baby cuts my hair drying time down to 1 hour and although it does heat up my hair, the temperature is much lower, and therefore much gentler on my stressed out hair. The time required to sit under the cap is a great excuse to relax in my boudoir and have a little time out. All I have to do is gather some glossy magazines and allow the soft warm air to gently waft around my head, I believe I have created my own vintage beauty parlour.


Princess Pin Curls