Dear Friend,

Today I’m off to work and I want to wear something practical and yet still pretty, pretty, pretty.

This dress is one of my ‘new’ vintage style dresses that I bought from the Laura Ashley Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Last year it was part of my ‘going out’ wardrobe and it saw many outings, this season it’s been relegated to an everyday dress.

It’s made from stretch cotton which allows me to move freely, and its high cotton content means that it breathes beautifully in the warmer weather.

All these beautiful faded grey/black florals needed some soft feminine jewellery-  pearls were the obvious choice. These pearl and grey sunflower earrings were a bargain find at Diva, and the three strand seed pearl bracelet was also from Laura Ashley last year.

I love vintage dress clips, but they can be a bit fragile, especially when I’m on the go… so the little clips that I’ve added to this dress originally started life as a pair of hair clips from Equipe. I am a firm believer in the ‘make do and mend’ philosophy, so I knew they were just what the doctor ordered for my faded floral dress.


Princess Pin Curls