Dear Friend,

It was hot yesterday and I was dreaming of a far off seaside place- with a board walk and old-fashioned ice cream stalls strewn with bunting….

In that spirit I decided to don my ‘Bon Voyage’ Dress and my Bunting Cardigan-both Laura Ashley Summer 2011/2012.  I had been longing for this dress to arrive ever since I saw it on their posters, so I bought it the day it was released, and have worn it many times since.

The fabric is super soft, fine cotton and the print has sweetest little seaside terrace houses on it.

As if that’s not cute enough, check out its gingham petticoat (I know a bad pun)

I resisted the allure of the matching Bunting Cardigan for several weeks until I finally succumbed to its charms. Waiting turned out to be a bad move, apparently everyone else had loved it too and it was almost sold out by the time I decided that I ‘needed ‘ it. Lucky for me there was just one(only and lonely) left in my size and I snapped it up.


No seaside outfit would be complete without a kitsch little basket and this one matches perfectly, right down to the lining Laura Ashley Summer 10/11.

 I only wish I had been sailing off to a distant port….instead I went to work, but in a dress like this it almost felt like a holiday!


Princess Pin Curls