Dear Friend,

I have a confession to make…. I am addicted to vintage Glomesh!!!

Vintage, mind you, not that awful Chinese stuff that can be found lurking in nearly every discount chain store nationwide. I’m talking the real deal, Made in Germany, with excellent craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Most of my pieces are Oroton brand.

To me it embodies the glamour, beauty and luxury of a bygone time; where women went out for dinner and dancing and had occasions to use these precious sparkly beauties.

I am always on the look out for these shiny treasures; at op shops, on etsy, ebay and at vintage fairs. For many years I’ve had both silver and gold Glomesh evening bags that I have kept for special nights out on the town, but over the last couple of years I have been hankering to add some to my everyday life.

So last year I invested in a gold Glomesh wallet and coin purse duo and they come with me everywhere I go.

  …but this little duet were lonely and needed a friend. I wanted a glasses case for my reading specs. So I began to hunt, they don’t come up all that often, and the ones I have found were either damaged or too pricey. I started to despair, until today.

 All my waiting has paid off as, today, I found my Glomesh Holy Grail in a local charity shop. She is in perfect condition, and cost only $11-yay !!!

 As a side note Glomesh are re-launching their range this year- I saw the following advert whilst roaming the internet last night.

….I wait with bated breath.


Princess Pin Curls