Dear Friend,

I’m back in the land of the living, not 100%, but back to work.

 I promised to give you a peek of my new brooch and earring set and, true to my word, I wore them today. Please excuse the bad photo and facial expression, the photo had to be done pronto, pronto this morning.

Laura Ashley Silk Dress- Winter 2011

I bought this at the tail end of last winter and have worn it throughout summer and it will take me through winter with the help of my trusty black cardi.

The skirt is just slightly A-line, which is very flattering to my ‘womanly’ hips, and yet draws in the waist nicely. I love its luxurious pleated cowl neck, it looks quite stylish  swept up to the side and pinned in place;

I’m so happy that the swirly pattern of the jewellery matches the pattern of the dress, I do like to carry on a theme. I normally wear this dress with one of my totally oversized Sarah Coventry sets which is really a bold and brassy star.

It’s nice to have another, daintier option.


Princess Pin Curls