Dear Friend,

Gardenias are a quintessential summer flower, they smell sweet and look cool and glossy in the barbaric heat waves that make us mere humans melt. I love to pick them and bring them indoors but I think their scent is better appreciated in the garden.

I have planted gardenias by our back door, every time Í go out the back I take a trip down memory lane……gardenias are woven into our families past and I like to bring some of that nostalgia into my daily life.

Prince Charmings mother, Betty, had a bridal bouquet made entirely of gardenias, with the classic 1950’s styling.

I remember her using Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardenia Dusting Powder- in the old fashioned box with white powder puff- I wonder if it was a reminder her of her big day?

My maternal grandmother was a keen gardener and childhood memories of her house are wrapped up in the sweet, pungent fragrance of the gardenia. They grew in her back garden and I remember her backyard smelt of lemon blossom (she had a huge lemon tree), gardenias and jasmine that ran wild in secret nooks and crannies.

Visits to her house were somewhat of an adventure as she was a bit of a hoarder and you never knew what would be stored away in any given cupboard or her vast shed.  Her house represented mystery and freedom. Sometimes we had too much freedom-like when we gorged ourselves on the entire unripened strawberry patch. I remember swimming in the pool with my grandmothers vintage floral bathing cap- much to my protest- and then lying on the hot cement to dry. I can still smell chlorine water on the hot cement, it doesn’t seem to smell like that anymore !?!  These were some of the most carefree memories of my girlhood, and they are some of the most vivid too .

My grandmother’s garden is gone now, the land has been sub-divided, and there is a town house were I used to roam. But everytime I step out my backdoor in summer I am transported back to those long forgotten times and places and linger there for just a moment….


Princess Pin Curls