Dear Friend,

They say that blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between- but what about purple and green?

I bought this great cardigan with sequin detailing two years ago from Rockmans of all places.

I fell in love with its sparkly, almost art deco style, beadwork but I had absolutely nothing to go with it. Many people would have shied away from it’s very bold colour but I adore strong colour jewel colours and knew I would find something to wear with it eventually.

Last summer I found this dress in the most brilliant shades of green and purple and it  was a perfect colour match. I’m pretty sure the print is a hibiscus flower.

I wanted to tone down all that colour with my favourite glass and pearl bead earrings and matching bracelet from Equip.

Soooo….what’s the verdict?

Can you wear purple and green without a colour in between?


Princess Pin Curls