Dear Friend,

This summer I have found a plethora of fabulous reproduction 1950’s style dresses in the stores. This particular dress has been one of favourites and very much favoured by myself when I’ve wanted to glam up.

Laura Ashley Yesteryear Floral Archive Print Dress Summer 2011/2012  

I love it’s full-blown rose print -an old document print recently rediscovered in the Laura Ashley archives.

I bought the beautiful belt/ hair accessory below from Alannah Hill a couple of years ago- at the time I wasn’t sure what I would put it back with-but I knew I just had to have it. It has a lovely cream gross-grain ribbon that is extends from head to waist size quite easily. I have worn it as a belt with this dress, but today my hair needed a pick me up, so today I wore it as a floral fascinator.

The dress has its own cotton petticoat attached but it does look so much foofier with my white crinoline-this is one of the dresses that is called a ‘foofinator’ in our house.

 As a side note to this post I would like to say that this dress attracts alot of attention and admiration from young asian ladies.

 When I wore it to work last week two young ladies dissolved into raptures of delight exclaiming that I “looked like Snow White” then requested that I pose for photos with each of them individually!!!

Hope you are all having a rosy time of it…


Princess Pin Curls