Dear Friend,

When I was out today I saw this quaint sign;

For me it really rang true, it made me think about life in general, our purpose and destiny. My life has change so much over the years, there have been many twists, turns and unplanned detours…. I don’t think I could have gotten through all of this without the help of all ‘my cast’.

 So, in that spirit, I would like to thank all my nearest and dearest for coming to auditions, rehearsals and performances of The Princess Pin Curls play.

Helping me when I have lost my place in the script (prompting me gently from the sidelines), come to my rescue when there have been costume malfunctions (Bridesmaid  Doreen) and when it looked like the whole set was about to fall apart.

Thankyou one and all !!!


Princess Pin Curls