Dear Friend,

My favourite magazine of all time is Victoria, which celebrates the achievements of women and the beautiful food, clothes, jewellery, homes and holidays that we all dream of having. I have collected it for over 14 years and amassed quite a collection of these vessels of loveliness. They have been a wealth of informative articles on famous women and places in history, and spurred me on to investigate many topics I would not have known about without its help. My favourite issue of all was September 1998, and it contained a beautiful photo shoot inspired by “The Land Girls” movie.

The Land Girl Army was made up of young who volunteered to farm whilst the nations men went to fight for King and country. Many of these women were from the city and had never seen a farm let alone worked a plow or milk a cow. They worked extremely hard to feed the British nation throughout World War 2. The following photo’s were from this issue;

In Autumn I always feel much more inclined to garden, weed and till the soil. The cooler weather draws me out into the fresh air and the garden is lusher/ greener all my plants and flowers look so much happier. I also find that I become quite reflective.. I plan outings and trips for the coming months, reorganise drawers and re-read some of my favourite books and old magazines.

So when I got dressed to my housework and gardening I took inspiration from The Land Girls, I popped my hair in a net to keep it back from my face and nice and clean, and used the scarf to keep it all in place;

I know it is a back to front way of putting a wardrobe together but I bought this retro top yesterday to go with my scarf. The scarf has been sitting unloved it my drawer for the last 6 month because I didn’t have anything to wear it with, so when I saw the top in Imagination for $10 yesterday I had to buy it.

My woolen skirt is an old Fletcher Jones one-I bought from the Red Cross Vintage Shop– Brunswick Street North Fitzroy.

I am wearing my very practical and hardy Sheer Relief support pantihose- great to stop legs from getting tired when standing for a long time- they aren’t authentic 1940’s.

 I bought these Homy Ped’s on ebay (part of my ever expanding two-tone shoe collection) they have great sturdy heels that I can wear all day without tiring. Which is a good thing as I have to do many loads of washing, ironing and cooking before the day is done!!!


Princess Pin Curls