Dear Friend,

If you have time, and it’s not too far away, pop into Chadstone ‘The Fashion Capital’ Shopping Centre to check out the POUT exhibition- on until April 1.

It’s a collection of small dolls that have been dressed by designers in miniature couture ensembles- many of which have a vintage theme. The collection comes complete with a gorgeous dream house and miniature Philippe Stark Louis Ghost chairs.

It is located in up stairs Designer Precinct rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tiffany & Co, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Coach and Prada.

  The collection ranged from full skirted ball gowns with sumptuous ruffles;

To more tailored evening wear in silks and velvets;


Below are a couple of my favourites from the collection from Veronique Perrin. The detailing was just incredible on these little suits and accessories;


and a 1960’s style suit, with some dubious colour combinations;


and last but not least Alannah Hill;

I only snapped a third of the collection, but I picked the best of the bunch for you guys. The tiny models have great detailing, bracelets, earrings, bags, furs and shoes. They really do have to be seen in person to appreciate all their intricate beauty- although you can see quite a bit of the detail if you click and enlarge the photos. I hope you have enjoyed the pickies!!!


Princess Pin Curls