Dear Friend,

I love cup cakes, I love pink.

I’ve found the ultimate way to combine the two and it is super cute and super cheaty. You can too- it will be our little secret!!!

 You’ll need two main pieces of equipment “Shmick” Cupcake Holders-how kitsch is that name!!!  and Cake Mate Soft Pink Icing in a can.           

Step 1- Mix up your favourite Vanilla or Butter Cake recipe.

Step 2- Pour into super cute spotty cupcake holders and bake.

Step 3- When they are cooled completely decorate with Cake Mate Soft Icing. It comes with four different Piping nozels so that you can choose to do stripes, swirls or rosettes.

They turned out marvellously and the family were very impressed;

 Ta Da !!!!

I was a bit dubious about how the icing it would turn out (I bought it for aesthetic reasons) but I must say it tasted really nice, had an excellent consistency, wasn’t too sweet and stayed fresh for a couple of days.

I’m only sorry I couldn’t send you all one!


Princess Pin Curls