Dear Friend,

The weather in Melbourne is quite changeable and we often experience four seasons in one day.  Today has been quite cool -starting off sunny, then pouring rain and this evening the sun is out again. The only constant has been the wind. I find the best wardrobe solution for this sort of Autumn day is a dress and cardi combo;

I decided to wear what I call my ‘Autumn Roses Dress’ which I found at               Clara Fox Vintage last year. The black, red and russet colours remind me of Autumn in the hedgerows and in particular the Brambly Hedge series that I read to my children when they were little.

The dress has a bloussant effect to the bodice, a deep yoke and lots of pleats. Although I love this look, it can be a bit of a waist enhancer. I find an elasticized belt the best remedy;

  I always wear this dress with my beaded bow belt from Imagination, it pull my waist in and adds that extra punch of colour that I love.

Hope it isn’t to windy in your world!


Princess Pin Curls

P.S – I still forgot to get a good photo of the red velvet headband- sorry!