Dear Friend,

I have decided every now and then to post a blog entitled ‘Wardrobe Envy’ where I will select a character from a favourite film who has a swoon-worthy wardrobe.

The first candidate for this has to be Baroness Schraeder from The Sound of Music. From the moment we first see her in the car scene we can tell she is a woman of style and substance;

 As a young girl I idolised her hair and her clothes- my absolute favourite was her gold lame and organza ball gown.

 I spent many hours drawing it , perfecting the one sided puff at the shoulder, the wrap of the fabric at the torso and the swooshy ruffle at the base.

The dress seemed to have an other worldly aura about it that could only be matched at the time by my Peaches ‘n’ Cream Barbie doll ;

As I’ve gotten older I’ve fallen for her smart suits, the cut was just impeccable and the detailing so polished. I am yet to see a modern blouse that can match her silk wrap spotty blouse. I adore it’s flamboyant bow deatail and layers of rouching at the hip- and the way it falls inches below the cropped jacket.


And who could forget her Matador inspired evening dress that she wore in the balcony scene. The sheer red bolero jacket with black lace applique and sparkly black bead work is just enchanting-swoon!!!

Side Note- The Darling Girl and I went to see ” The Sound of Music- The Sing A Long ” two years ago and it truly was a magical experience. We had only ever seen it on a television screen and wasn’t prepared for such a specticle…as we sat it the balcony level we saw the Alps unfold before us. We was blown away by the beauty of the  scenery, costumes and sets. Both the Darling Girl and I had the most rapturous time singing to those well known songs. I can now imagine why it was acclaimed as such a masterpiece at the time, the BIG screen made such a difference.

And, yes, as I watched I still swooned over Baroness Schraeder’s wardrobe.


Princess Pin Curls