Dear Friend,

As you know I love a splash of colour, recently I have had a hankering for a maroon pencil skirt. I started my search on ebay and etsy to no avail so I began to search the shopping centres. After months trying on, and rejecting, dozens of skirts I began to despair. So I took on the approach that I would have to get create- ‘To Make Do and Mend’ .

So I began hunting through thrift shops and two weeks ago I found her … the skirt I had envisaged…at my local thriftshop…a  Fletcher Jones woolen pencil skirt.

 She had it all; great colour, soft good quality fabric, cute front pocket detail, deep double kick pleats and a very flattering cut. There was only one problem- it was a fraction too small in the waist- uh-oh!!!

Now, I was determined to make it work so I turned it inside out to check the seam allowance (many older dresses and skirts had a generous seam allowance to allow for the garment to be altered as weight fluctuation dictated). To my relief there was quite a bit of fabric to work with so I took the plunge and operation ‘make do and mend’ commenced.Luckily the skirt had a detached lining so that I could easily access all the seam that required alteration.

I let out the waist and ran in the bottom of the skirt to give it more of a wiggle look- it was quite loose past the knee- I suspect it was designed as a ‘matron’ cut.

The result is a skirt that fills the gap in my upcoming winter wardrobe and it only took an hour or so to rejuvenate;


Ta Da!

I’m wearing my skirt back with one of my favourite Friends of Couture cardigans from 2011;

The feather stitching is quite striking, and the buttons are facetted so they catch the light nicely;

I continued the feather theme through to my hair, with the bead and feather clip. My hair do is a 1940’s inspired do with faux bangs to the front;

Hope you enjoyed my stitching!


Princess Pin Curls