Dear Friend,

When I was a teenager my mother bought a collection of 1940’s and 1950’s Australian Homes Journal magazines;

Last year my Mum entrusted the collection into my care and I have been pouring over them ever since. I was surprised to see how many of the household products are still around in roughly the same form 70 years later.

Veet made its debut in 1939;


Brasso and Silvo look almost exactly the same today.

 Note the little housewife’s endorsement ” Ï like the new Brasso bottle” and the great size options “In ONE SIZE only”;

Dettol  ‘Modern’ antiseptic;

Although the products are the same it’s very interesting to see the different angle to advertising agencies took way back then. So many of the ads were written from the perspective of fighting the bulge, age and the dreaded ‘dullness’ that seems to be mentioned a bit.

Every now and then I’ll pop a few in for a chuckle!


Princess Pin Curls