Dear Friend,

I find as the weather gets cooler my style changes eras, away from the 1950’s full skirts with full-blown florals to a much more tailored look. As winter comes I will slowly pack these little ‘foofinators’ away to make wardrobe space for my coats, kilts and sweaters. The 1940’s and 1960’s looks start to show up in my styling so much more- shorter, more fitted skirts, more geometric’s and often bolder block colours. I also accessorize more with scarves, pattern tights, headbands and brooches too.

In that spirit, earlier in the week, I wore my first 1960’s outfit for the year. My Crazy Daisy cardigan has 3/4 sleeves which makes it a great trans-seasonal piece, perfect for those days in the low 20’s;

Craisy Daisy Cardi- Laura Ashley Winter 2011

So often the detailing on reproduction garments is poor quality- cheap buttons, bad stitching or ribboning that fray easily. I really like the button detail on this cardigan, they are high quality gloss little round balls, the type that could have been on any original vintage cardigan.   

I’m not so confident with 1960’s hair, although I have manged to master a basic 60’s up hairdo once or twice- given time and hairspray. On a workday I need super quick hair do and I find scarves give quite a 1960’s look when worn flat against the head and bowed to the side;

 Red Spot Reversible Scarf– Laura Ashley Spring/Summer 2010

 I love the way this scarf is cream with red spots on one side and red with cream spots on the other;

I hope to master a few more 60’s look over the coming months, stay tuned.


Princess Pin Curls