Dear Friend,

It’s school holidays here and Princess Karen and I decided to pack up the kids and the car and head off to Phillip Island to catch up with our lovely friend Robyn and have a Vintage Shopping Trip.

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I decided to wear a my ‘Hibiscus’ dress, one of my purchases from The Silver Compaq last week. It is perfect for shopping as it is easy to slip off and on, and as Phillip Island is a beach side town I thought the Hawaiian theme was quite appropriate. I love the long vertical blue panels to the side of the dress that elongate the body;

After taking this photo in the backyard I realised that I hadn’t put on any accessories yet. So we quickly snapped a couple of shots on the way out to the car;

Dress– The Silver Compaq 

 Bangle -Thrift

Shoes- Homy Ped

Cardigan – Ojay 2010

Flower Barrette from Didge Design, Oakleigh;

 Didge Design is owned by the very talented Catherine Barolo. She sews and sells her own range of beautiful sleep/lounge wear, maternity lingerie, cupcake soaps and now a small collection of lovely hair barrettes and mum friendly accessories…but I digress…back to our trip.

We had a great day of shopping and sunshine and found a few little treasures to boot. I bought two velvet 1950’s hats, two pairs of gloves and a floral 1950’s style house apron. I have been a bit naughty about hat purchases lately-having bought four in as many weeks-but they have all been beautiful and well priced.

  On the way home I realised that we hadn’t taken any photos of the shops etc to share with you- boo hoo!


Princess Pin Curls