Dear Friend,

Here’s my Easter outfit…..complete with my Easter ‘bonnet’;

Monet Dress– Etsy 

Hat– The Silver Compaq

Blue gloves and bag- both Thrift

When I found my hat in the bottom of a basket in the The Silver Compaq I just knew it was a perfect match for my Monet dress (which was still in transit from the U.S). It is made of a ‘straw’ look synthetic fibre and I’m pretty sure it is from the same era as my dress.There aren’t any Makers labels inside, only a Made in Switzerland tag;

 It was a little crumpled and it needed some TLC- but I knew I could revive it;

 First I steamed it over the kettle;

then I shaped it and stuffed it so it could dry in the shape I wanted;

and viola- it sprang back to life;

As a side note-I decided to alter the dress by giving the collar a rouch detail. This has helped to draw the eye up and away from the plain waistline….I wish it had a matching belt!


Princess Pin Curls