Dear Friend,

This morning the family and I got up at the crack of dawn to go to the Camberwell Market-before I went to work.- boo hoo! The Camberwell Market is a Melbourne Sunday morning flea market that draws people from all walks of life from all corners of Melbourne. Regular stall holders trade in fine antique and costume jewellery, beads, furniture and bric a brac. Whenever I go I find too many treasures….more than my wallet allows me to buy anyway. The prices are generally good (cheaper than many vintage stores) and there is a huge variety of items… me it feels like a slice of Portobello Road.

I’ve wanted a 1950’s Beauty Case for a while, my lovely friend Karen has an impressive collection… she uses them to store her gloves, handbags and other assorted lovelies. It’s getting hard to come by ones in good condition (they often have stains where make-up or toiletries have spilt)and my little heart longed for one with pink lining.

 Gosh I’m picky aren’t I?

 So I have been biding my time until the right one came along, and hoping it wouldn’t be too expensive when it did. Today I hit the jackpot and I found my Pretty in Pink Beauty Case for the BARGAIN PRICE of $5 !!!!!!

The lining is a beautiful shot pink taffeta, I love the ripple effect!

I found this empty perfume vial in the little side pocket- Sortilege by Le Galion Paris.  First manufactured for commercial sale in 1937 by Le Galion it is still in production (now by The Long Lost Perfume Company) and I found a recent review;

I have a sample of uncertain vintage. This is a kissing cousin to Coty L’Aimant and Chanel No 5.  This is a soft swirly jasmine fragrance. There are notes of roses, violets and woods as well. It’s sooooooooooooooooo pretty. Gracious and balanced. It smells like an archetype of French perfume. This perfume is like the perfect guest.

Sadly there is hardly any scent left in the empty vial, but the review conjures up romantic notions none the less.

I originally thought I would use my Beauty Case as a home for my fox stole but I have changed my mind and have decided to return its original use. It is now home to my make-up and beauty products and I think it will sit next to the dressing table.



Princess Pin Curls