Dear Friend,

The other week I experimented with my hair and attempted a 1950’s short hair do with my medium/long length hair. I had put pin curls in the night before and slept with them in (I thought this would be majorly uncomfortable but it wasn’t at all ). I had read I could produce a nice tight curl that would bounce right up to shoulder length if i did dozens of smaller pin curls. So I had crossed my fingers and rolled my hair like there was no tomorrow. I put ‘elevated’ pin curls in the front so that the hair is easily swept to the side- and avoids the ‘poodle look’ to front!

 I popped a scarf in my hair so that I looked presentable dropping the Darling Ones to school;

Then, when I got home, I unleashed the locks;

I know! I know! I look quite dishevelled at this point in proceedings.

It only took a few minutes to brush it gently through and leave me with this sleek and soft bouncy curl;

Had a been going out and about I would have left it at that.

But, alas, it was a housework day! So I popped the scarf back in so that I could keep my hair clean and protect my curls from steam and moisture when cleaning the shower etc. I’m glad I did because I managed to get two days out of this curl and it only took a couple of flicks of the brush the next morning to replicate the look-yay!

I was really surprised that I could get my hair to look soooo short- what do you think of me with short hair?


Princess Pin Curls

P.S- I took these photos in the Darling Girl’s room….I just love her wallpaper and wanted to use it as a background in at least one of my posts.