Dear Friend,

As you saw in my Frilly, Frilly Nightie post I’m rather partial to a nice piece of sleepwear. Alas, a lot of modern options are seriously boring or poor quality and there aren’t many vintage pieces available for reasonable prices.

I bought this satin quilted bed jacket and matching nightie a while back, and now that the nights are cooler I’m getting a chance to use it. It is just the right thing for reading or lounging in bed- lovely and warm without being bulky.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I found these for a great price in The Silver Compaq a while back.  It is rare to find vintage lingerie and sleepwear that is unspoilt. I don’t think these two have ever been used as there are no discolouration or signs of wear.

I wish you could feel the bed jacket…it is super soft and silky feeling…not at all like modern satins that feel a bit grainy and synthetic-y to the touch.

The matching nightie is almost the same colour and I suspect it was from the same original owner (the shop sometimes sells whole estates).

The front of the nightie features a delicate cream lace panel which is very beautiful;

and crochet trim around the neckline and shoulders;

Hope you liked them.

Good night, sleep tight!


Princess Pin Curls