Dear Friend,

When I saw this dress in Laura Ashley a few weeks ago I immediately thought of Joanie from Mad Men. It seemed just the type of dress that she could have been strutting around in at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Price.

It is one of modern ‘vintage inspired’ dresses and I think it has a decidedly 1960’s flavour to it. I don’t have too many dresses with a 60’s look- the cuts are often unkind to my figure- but I do like a lot of the abstract prints that were common at the time.

Last week I vowed to work on my 1960’s hair styling and to show you more of my attempts…. true to my word I tried out a low bouffant style…with moderate success. These styles are quite a challenge for me, as my hair is blessed/cursed with many ‘cow licks’ and doesn’t like to be smoothed over without a fight.

 Now onto the accessories-this seemed like the perfect dress for my 1960’s Sarah Coventry Three Leaf brooch and earring set- Etsy.

I bought a few vintage brooch/earring sets to emulate Joanie’s look last year- as you probably read in my Mad Men Jewellery post. So I was very excited when I saw Joanie wearing my Sarah Coventry set in one of the newly released photos promoting Season 5.

I obviously did my homework well… I identified it as Joanie style jewellery before it even was!


Princess Pin Curls

P.S- I am just loving the plot twists in Season 5…I won’t spoil it for those who haven’t watched it yet (what planet are you from?) but for those who have…… OMG can you believe Betty ?!?