Dear Friend,

I saw this retro postcard at the Camberwell Markets the other weekend and just had to buy it;

Isn’t it a scream!!!

Aren’t you always trying to match your gloves to your choice of cigarettes?

Apparently this was a real advertisement that was used in print media to cross promote both the designer Merry Hull and Chesterfield Cigarettes. I can only imagine how bulky these would have been to wear- or how peculiar they would have looked!

Gladys Geissmann, better known by the name of Merry Hull, was a designer of ladies fashion accessories that were deemed to be both practical and stylish. She also created an article called Fashion Turnabouts for This Week magazine to show women how best to accessorize their outfits.

 She pioneered the first Finger Free Glove that allowed women to look smart and still allow good finger movement;


This was the first glove innovation in 300 years and I’m fairly sure that the Chesterfield Cigarette campaign was conceptualised in order to capitalize on its success.

 Merry Hull received many accolades for her work including the Neiman Marcus Distinguished Service in the Field of Fashion Award in 1949.

This award was presented to assorted couturiers, designers, celebrities and style icons who forwarded the world of fashion to the masses. Other famous recipients include Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Bonnie Cashin, Yves Saint Laurent and Cecil Beaton -the man who photographed them all (and anyone who was anyone at the time) .

Isn’t it amazing what great stories are waiting to be discovered in such common place objects ?!?


Princess Pin Curls