Dear Friend,

Yesterday Prince Charming absconded from his usual Saturday morning round of golf to take the Darling Girl and I to see the Grace Kelly: Style Icon display at Bendigo Art Gallery. It was a wonderful collection of her life through dresses- including breathtaking gowns from her 1950’s MGM days through to some modern 1970’s designs that she wore as Princess of Monaco.

They were all quite lovely and the detail that was lavished on so many of her dresses and suits was exquisite. I’m so sorry that I can’t share any of these beautiful treasures with you , they didn’t allow any photography in the exhibit- boo hoo!

I wanted to wear my midnight blue ‘New Look’ style hat that I bought a few weeks ago at Phillip Island so I planned my outfit around it….I know that I should have really worn a 1950’s style dress to anything about Grace Kelly but as the french say-c’est la vie.

I bought this 1940’s style ‘new’ dress from Jigsaw last winter and it has become my favourite winter dress. In fact I loved it so much that I bought it in a buttery camel colour too- although it is not tweed- just a flat wool.

Dress- Jigsaw

Shoes –Naturalizer

Brooch, Earrings and Gloves- Thrift

Hat- 1940’s vintage from Raindows Vintage in Cowes

Note-I am usually a very thrifty shopper and pick clothes up quite economically but I do believe in spending money on those ‘investment’ pieces that will be worn year in and year out. Classics such as a trench coat (or in this case a wool tweed dress) will never date and the cut and fabric quality will be admired for many years after the price is forgotten.

I picked up this little gem of a brooch last week- I keep buying circular brooches! You can’t really see in the photo but it is made up of ten daisy style flowers with dark centres.

The Victorian architecture throughout Bendigo was simply breathtaking and these buildings remain a testament to the fact that the city was built with the wealth of the great goldrush of the 1850-60’s. We couldn’t resist taking a few shots on the steps of this building next to the gallery, I couldn’t believe how big the Grecian style columns were!

Hope you like all the pickies!


Princess Pin Curls