Dear Friend,

Carrying on in the tradition of my Baroness Schraeder Wardrobe Envy post… we will be swooning and sighing over the fantastic garb of Miss Delysia Lafosse from the film Miss Petigrew Lives for a Day. The movie chronicles one day in the life of social butterfly Delysia Lafosse and her ‘social secretary’ Guinevere Pettigrew.

If you haven’t seen this film you are missing out on a treat! The costuming and sets are just beautiful, the acting throughout is fresh and fun and the storyline is quite neat. But I digress…. I am not reviewing the movie just Delysia’s wardrobe…

The movie starts off with our heroine wearing a glorious peach silk dressing gown with feather trim;

 Then we progress to her DIVINE bedroom and she is in her black silk unmentionables;

Then suits up for a day fashion parades and shopping in a beautiful blue day dress with maroon trim and a full fox stole;

 Then our busy girl freshens up with a bubble bath before slipping into a baby pink dress with silver sequin details and matching diamonte hair slide so she can host a 6pm cocktail party;

Then dresses for her evening job as a nightclub singer, wearing a feather stole over a gold lame evening dress. These are set of with a different hair clip (marcasite this time) and sparkly drop earrings-sigh;


I hope you have enjoyed Delysia’s wardrobe as much as I have- I am green with envy!


Princess Pin Curls