Dear Friend,

It is freezing in old Melbourne town at the moment with constant rain and low temperatures. It feels like we have skipped Autumn and moved straight into Winter! All this english weather makes me feel as if I am stuck in an Agatha Christie novel,  don’t they always seem to be set in the depths of winter? Yesterday,in order to combat the elements and tie into this theme, I donned a tartan skirt, my woolen twin set and sensible thick pantyhose to create a Miss Marple outfit.

Skirt- Thrift

Maroon Twin Set- Laura Ashley Winter 2000-and still going strong!

Pearl Cardigan Keeper- Hunted & Collected

Olive Suede Bag- Laura Ashley 2008

 I bought this skirt a couple of weeks ago (from my favourite thrift store) I took it in at the bottom to give it a bit more of slimline look to make it look a bit younger. I just love the frayed pocket detail;

The woolen fabric  that was used it these old skirts is far superior to any available today, so soft and smooth to the touch. I don’t know what manufacturers do(or don’t do) to fabrics these days but they don’t feel the same as their older counterparts and I think that’s a shame.

Hopefully you liked the look and didn’t find it too mumsy looking……but it really is cold here!


Princess Pin Curls