Dear Friend,

The rain seems to be endless at the moment but we got a few seconds of dry sky to snap these photos this morning before heading off to work and school etc.

The ruffly bows around the neck of this cardi are made of mulberry wool with mauve silk inserts- I love anything two tone- and this cardi is no exception. When I bought it home last year I realised it matched for my two tone 1930’s style earrings perfectly .

I tried a different look with my eye shadow today, it was a two tone mauve and mulberry colour…when your going with a theme I believe in following it through!

The back of this skirt has pretty little kick pleats;

Skirt, Cardigan and Scarf Laura Ashley Winter 2011

Tights- Myer

Headband– Equip

Earrings- gift

My weekday job requires me to duck in and out of the car all day carrying boxes etc and this rain can wreak havoc on a girls locks.  So I employed this scarf to cover my hair a la Audrey Hepburn, although I don’t think I looked quite so glamorous;


The scarf worked…to a degree….but I think I need to invest in a proper rain bonnet to keep the rain away avoid the dreaded hair frizz that results.

I found this one on etsy ;

Vintage Pink Stormy Weather Rain Bonnet

I really like the fact it has a pink net lining, very pretty and practical, they really did think of it all back then…….


 Princess Pin Curls