Dear Friend,

Long have I yearned for a Bouquet of Violets to perk up my Violet Dress and a couple of weeks ago I found a spray vintage millenery violets on ebay- I bought them straight away- and have awaited their arrival ever since.

They came this week and I took them on their maiden outing today;

….Friday is my day of girly coffee catch ups, gossip and shopping so it is the perfect excuse to dress up a little- a little more than normal anyway.

Dress- Vintage & Bag

Violet Bouquet- ebay

Shoes- Sandler

Earrings-I’ve forgotten I think it was Equip

I bought this dress last year in the little arcade that leads from Flinders Street Station into Degreaves Street in Melbourne city. Sadly, I can’t recall the name of the vintage store I bought it from-silly me- but I do have a pretty picky of the arcade it is in;

 I love the black and pink wall tiles and the glass doors that once housed private telephone booths. Every time I walk past them I stop and wonder what it was like in times gone by….and wish I could pull open the doors, walk in, sit down and steal a moment of quiet in the busy, noisy city- not cut myself off from the city or escape it- just observe the hustle and bustle with the sound turned off.

Alas, I don’t own a time machine…I believe this is the regret of all vintage enthusiasts…and so I must be resigned to living in the now. So I make do by pausing outside them everytime I visit town…. and just imagine!


Princess Pin Curls