Dear Friend,

‘Foundation Garments’…….that saying can conjure up many different images in a vintage girls mind, from the lacy and feminine to the dowdy and austere.

I found this vintage deadstock panty girdle in a Charity store complete with its original tag…..I had to chuckle at the slogan.

Does that mean

A) You aren’t a young girl anymore and you need to start wearing the correct undergarments?


B) That you are not a small girl anymore and require slimming down?

I have seen countless vintage ads for foundation garments, touting their benefits and reproaching women who neglected to wear them. Some, like this 1940’s ad, go so far as to claim it was bad for the war effort to let your figure go;

Australian Womens Journal 1941

As far Foundation Garments go, I have been very restrained up until now and limited myself to modern shaper briefs and a two corslettes. I have one in the traditional peach and the other in black and I find them invaluable for day-to-day use.

I haven’t ventured too far into the realm of vintage intimate wear, but I could be tempted by this beautiful vintage girdle that I am watching on Etsy;

Vintage 40s Girdle OB 4 Garter Open Bottom Large

I have been saving my pennies for the Love Vintage Fair  (which is on this weekend) and if I have any money left over I will make her mine.

If you see her…… please don’t buy her.


Princess Pin Curls