Dear Friend,

I bought this hand painted brooch a couple of weeks ago, from my favourite thrift store….she reminded me of a cupie doll….I had to have her!

I think she was originally an art project, from the markings and name on the back. Where ever she came from I love her and I’m glad someone let her go;

She gave me the idea to create a whole outfit in chocolate, marmalade and caramel…it sounds like a weird dessert, doesn’t it?

Marmalade is a relatively new colour for me….. I haven’t worn it since I was a little girl, when I had a fluffy marmalade cardigan. So, with a degree of trepidation, I began to search for some friends for her.

First I found the bangle;

Then the scarf;

Then I found the caramel skirt- Italian wool no less;

 I had the chocolate sweater, shoes and earrings already in my wardrobe.

All the new accessories for this outfit (brooch, scarf, bangle and skirt) were found in thrift shops and came to the princely sum of $13….I love a good bargain!


Princess Pin Curls