Dear Friend,

Today my beautiful friend Karen and I went to the Love Vintage Fair, held in the Exhibition Buildings, Carlton. It was raining all morning which meant we couldn’t get any photos of the outside of the building, so I borrowed someone elses;


I used the occasion as an excuse to take my Mr Fox out.

Special thanks to Papillon Photography who snapped the photo below at the fair and was then lovely enough to pop it onto Twitter.

There are very few places I feel that I can wear him without receiving reproachful looks and nasty comments, but I was quite sure that he would be among friends today…. he was very much admired and received many a pat over the day. He attracted much attention from pair of little girls who were very curious as to whether he was still alive, after they confirmed he wasn’t, they thought it wonderful to give him a pat and became firm friends.

Dress- Jigsaw 2011

Hat- Mimco

Mr Fox- a gift from Mum

Brooch, Gloves, Bag and Shoes- vintage

I love everything about these occasions, dressing up, shopping and just soaking up all that beautiful ‘vintage-iness’. Everyone is always so friendly. We always seem to meet lovely ladies on these days-it is fun to chat to other shoppers-to do a little show ‘n’ tell of what has been purchased and to swap stories of what else we’d love to find.

These are just some of the parcels we amassed over the course of the day, Karen bought a couple of original hat boxes, a 1960’s pale pink dress and coat set, a pair of gloves and a darling turquoise sheer nightie with matching brunch coat.

I found a couple of pairs of earrings, a matching brooch, a beauty case, the most darling sheer embroidered apron and a velvet and mink hair piece ( in need of new netting). I feel very restrained as there were countless other lovelies that I fell in love with and yet resisted….

 I hope you had as nice a day as we did!


Princess Pin Curls