Dear Friend,

Today was definitely a sweater day; it was cold and windy. I wanted a snuggly warm sweater that felt and looked warm…something quintessentially wintery…an Argyle sweater.

 I barricaded myself in the house and set to work on my newest sewing project- a Blue & White Toile Dress- but more of that another time.

Now, I love a good Argyle and I have bought a few Argyle sweaters for Prince Charming over the years- they have always looked quite spiffy.

I wanted one for myself but they always looked so chunky and masculine on me, until I found this sweater a couple of years ago.

 For me, it evokes a totally 1950’s vibe, and I feel like I have walked out of a Maeve Binchy novel- don’t you just love her novels?

What you haven’t read them yet?

Seriously? You have to check them out.

They are mostly set in the 1940-1960’s in England and Ireland. They have great plots, characters and life stories….and quite a bit of vintage clothing and life to boot!

I know you will all love them- read them!

Anyway….back to my Argyle outfit.

Cardigan- Laura Ashley

Peplum Skirt- Portmans

Hair Clips- Mimco

TightsLeona Edmiston

Sadly, at the end of last winter the self covered buttons began to fray and needed replacing. I looked around for quite some time to find the right ones….vintage looking, of course. I found these at The Button Shop in Malvern, which specialises in imported buttons, ribbons and sewing trims.

Hope you had a snuggly sweater day too!


Princess Pin Curls