Dear Friend,

Today Prince Charming and I went to a friends wedding- we don’t have many weddings to go to nowadays so it was a real treat. We woke up to grey sky, low temperatures and the threat of rain….all went well though-no rain-and the happy couple got hitched without a hitch.

Dressing for these winter weddings can be hard-especially if they are morning ceremonies, you want to dress smartly but can’t wear too much bling!

 I decided to wear my wool blend shift dress and jazzed it up with my new feather stole and some pearl & diamonte jewellery.


Earrings- Hunted & Collected Vintage Jewellery

Reproduction Deco Bracelet Lovisa

Dress- Jigsaw

Feather Stole- Portmans

I bought this 1920-30’s bag from a trash ‘n’ treasure market, in Canberra, over ten years ago and it has remained one of my favourite vintage pieces.

 I’m pretty sure that it is original, from the clasp and beadwork. It is quite fragile (you can see in the photo how one row of beads is missing) so I only take it for very special days. I love it so much that I wouldn’t want it to get damaged from over handling.

With all that deco styling I thought my feather stole was a fitting companion…. it looks and feels like something Miss Fisher would wear. My overseas readers probably haven’t heard of the Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries-on ABC TV. It’s a series of period murder shows set in 1920’s Melbourne and she is our golden gun totting heroine…she’s very stylish, very progressive and quite saucy.

Although this is a new feather stole just I couldn’t resist its charms…from the moment I put it on and just fell in love with all those soft fluffy feathers and just had to have it. I think it’s lovely tulle and bead detailing makes it even more special.

Hope you have had a great weekend too!


Princess Pin Curls