Dear Friend,

As you may have noticed I have more than a few pairs of shoes, but like a big happy family there is always room for one more….or two…or three.

I saw these little beauties in Mimco quite some time ago but they were a little too pricey for me.

 Aren’t they great?

I am a sucker for anything two-tone and have quite a few two-tone shoes and bags- like I said there if always room for one more. I have been checking out photos of vintage two-tone shoe to see if I could see anything similar to my new shoes and I found these- which are said to be a 1950’s original;

As a side note- Coco Chanel was famous for her two-tone shoes which were said to elongate the legs and the foot, making women seem taller and slimmer- she knew what women wanted didn’t she! This style of shoe is a classic and would look just as good styled with a 1940’s, 1950’s (tailored 1950’s) or 1960’s look.

I think these particular shoes are all the more special for having a faux tortoise-shell heel. 

The devil is in the detail, and this detail made me think of early 20th century celluloid heels. It also reminds me of a scene in the film Hugo- the one where the old film maker talks with great sadness of his old celluloid film being melted down to make shoe heels like these- how nostalgic.

As another side note- Celluloid was a highly temperamental product and could combust quite easily (perhaps why there are so few original celluloid heeled shoes in existence?) and was later replaced my lucite in the 1930’s.

All the shoes fine qualities had been playing on my mind and after many weeks of restraint’…. I decided I could resist the no more and went to get them….but shock and horror they were sold out!

I gave up on them…until I saw them at my local department store looking quite lonely on a stand- I didn’t even know they sold Mimco shoes there-fate must have been on my side.

 I turned them over…they were reduced… less than half price!

I asked the sales assistant if they had my size….yes, they did!

 I tried them on to test their comfort level….yes, they were quite comfy!

I bought them…yay!

Then the lovely lady wrapped them up in this fabulous  golden box….

Hope you enjoyed my new shoes!


Princess Pin Curls