Dear Friend,

One of the things that I love most about winter is that I can kilt up.

 (My very first vintage purchase was an olive-green kilt from a thrift shop) I’m still a sucker for them although I tend to pick up mostly reds now….my hair was a redy-orange way back then.

 This one was a real find because I haven’t seen one in pink and blues before-have you?

I bought this one a little while ago (again my favourite thrift shop) and I have been waiting for the appropriately cold weather to kick in so I could wear it. It was quite long so I got out my sewing scissors and gussied it up a few inches;

They may not be the most tummy flattering garment (too many layers of wool I think) but they feel soooo snug and retro. I love the pleating round the back, not quite as glamorous as a full skirt, but a nice swishy feeling none the less.

It came with this great kilt pin in the guise of a tiny silver sword;

I love that fringing detail too!

I’m hoping to add a few more to my stash this year….my dream kilt would be in a traditional navy blue and green black watch tartan-sigh!


Princess Pin Curls