Dear Friend,

I wore this outfit the other day when the sun was shining and I had time to devote to girlie fun with friends- coffee, manicures, lunch and then shopping.

This trench coat is one of my favourite coats (I warn you in advance you will be seeing it a lot this winter). I bought it two seasons back from Jigsaw and I never tire of wearing it.

It has a great cut and fabric but, best of all, it has a beautiful spot lining;

Ta- Da!

 Sweater- Alannah Hill

Skirt- thrift (you may recognise it from this post)

Tights- Myer 2011

Coat- Jigsaw

Gloves- Alannah Hill

Earrings- Equip

When I accessorize my outfits I try to keep the colours simple and only wear three main colours if possible (I think it just looks ‘tidier’ and more coordinated). This can be quite hard when wearing navy blue, instead of the traditional black, as there aren’t that many good navy accessories out there. Hence, I was very excited when I found this maroon woolen gloves a couple of years back, they solve one more accessory dilema….best of all they have scrumy satin bows and ruffles- yum!

You can’t really see my earrings, which is a shame, they are super cute bows set with tiny seed pearls. I will try hard to get a better photo next time I wear them…they are worth sharing.

Last of all…here is a picky of my maroon tights- they are a really cute houndstooth pattern;

Hope you had great weekend!


Princess Pin Curls

P.S-Whilst shopping (I found a great vintage shop that I didn’t know existed) I bought a 1960’s floral dress…all details and pickies to follow soon.