Dear Friend,

I’m not doing anything exciting today, just a spot of groceries, cooking and then I want to get back into my Agatha Christie book “The 4.50 from Paddington“- a Miss Marple mystery.

I wasn’t going to take any photos of my outfit today but then my hair turned out quite well (without my even trying). So I thought I’d take a couple of quick snaps. I’m sorry about them being so quick and random….my little photographers were both at school!

I just rolled up my version of victory rolls (flat to the head) and popped a scarf over the top but it turned out so much better than other days that I thought I should share it.

As a side note-I am convinced that my hair gets stage fright…it never seems to perform on the days I really want it, when I’m heading of somewhere terribly fun or fancy! Naughty hair!

I suppose I should go the whole hog and show you my outfit now that I’ve started a post;

Dress- Leona Edmiston 2010

Jacket- Laura Ashley 2011

Tights- Alannah Hill 2012

Shoes- Jigsaw 2011

This dress has sewing needles with coloured thread;

I simply adore these tights…and pretty much all patterned opaque tights…. as they are so warm and sturdy, and yet, they manage to be so pretty at the same time.

Hoping you are all well !


Princess Pin Curls