Dear Friend,

I love to collect vintage doilies, especially ones that are embellished with colourful embroidery. I often pick them up for a song…it seems no one wants or uses these little dainties around the house anymore. I should be grateful that they have fallen into disuse. People hand them over to the charity shop in vast quantities and I can pretty much pick and choose from dozens in each and every shop I visit….and yes, I do get around to quite a few.

I find them a great way to brighten up the house- under a vase of flowers or used as a coaster. My collection is quite extensive- I’ve got some with embroidered birds or flowers, some with applique and some with crochet work.

 I love them all and marvel at the fact that they were all done by hand with such care and they must have been someone’s pride and joy when completed. Every now and then I come across a really special piece…. the other day
I bought this particularly lovely breakfast tray liner;

It’s an enchanting thought isn’t it….a cup of tea at daybreak…

I love the crochet work steam coming out of the cup !

The perfect setting for a spot of tea and toast!

I’ll share some more of my doily collection with you over the coming months.


Princess Pin Curls