Dear Friend,

As you know I just love Joanie from Mad Men and I am always on the look out for Joanie jewellery and accessories.

 Last week, whilst in Camberwell, I found a great 1960’s home/seamstress made dress in Again Recycle– a shop that buys in vintage from the U.S.

I prayed that it would fit, I held my breath and zipped it up… fit beautifully!

 I snapped it up.

Even though it’s cold outside it is always toasty and warm inside my regular shopping centre so I decided to take my dress out for a spin (with addition of a coat and gloves to keep me warm on the way there).

I forgot to get my bag in the photo so I snapped this a bit later in the day;

These earrings are HUGE, I fell in love with them in the Hunted & Collected bargain bin at the Way We Wear Vintage Fair last year. I had to have them… I wasn’t sure if I could make them work…but they were just so sparkly!

I am a sucker for bling!


Dress- Again Recycle


Boucle Wool Coat- thrift

Shoes-Homy Ped

Earrings– Hunted & Collected

Bag & Scarf- thrift

As soon as I saw this dress I thought of Joanie. Although it probably isn’t a colour she would wear (being a red head) it was the same cut as so many of her dresses- a high neck with detailing. This dress has pleating to the neck line and bow detail, just the sort of style Joanie would wear. I’ve noticed that floral patterns have been creeping into her wardrobe in Season 4 & 5.

I was very impressed that the dress still had its matching belt (so rare).

As there were no labels sewn into my dress its origins were a bit of a mystery, until I checked out the back of the belt;

I love how it states that it’s made by the “Belt King” ( it sounds like something that Elvis would have endorsed).I loooked up Vanity Fair belts, they’re still in business today.

I know of a few girls who make their own reproduction vintage garments who have their self covered belts manufactured for them by a company here in Melbourne…it’s nice to know there is still a market for such crafts.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Princess Pin Curls