Dear Friend,

All this cold winter weather is a bit dreary and boring….to combat the winter blues I have decided to keep myself busy with a few sewing projects.

 In particular I want to sew up three new summer frocks.

I figure if I do all the hard work sewing in the cold months I will have a lovely new wardrobe to look forward to in spring…and I won’t have any sewing to do during those sunshiny days. I have visions of spending the warmer months frolicking in the garden, having picnics and other fun adventures….that’s the plan anyway!

The first of these dresses is my Toile Dress-which I first shared in this post. Last week I decided to neglect my housework and finish it off.

I attached the belt to the dress because I didn’t want it moving around and looking all skew-wiff (yes, that is a technical term) and the pattern becoming all maligned when wearing. I bought these pretty opalescent press studs to use for the belt closure- they are so elegant and easier to attach than buttons…and easier to close.

Then I added a lovely soft white chiffon halter neck detail;

The last little detail was a simple white button with leaf garland detail.

t kind of reminds me of a leaf crown worn by ancient greek’s…particularly relevant as my toile fabric has lovely Grecian women on it.

All I need now is some balmy weather and I will be able to wear it and do an outfit post, stay tuned….I’ll get back to you in three to four months!


Princess Pin Curls