Dear Friend,

Ok, I probably got a little carried away with the title for this post…but what
is a gal to do when the dress in question is called the “Oh So Pretty Dress” ?

These photos were taken a while back I just haven’t got around to posting them…bad blogger.

Oh So Pretty Dress- Laura Ashley 2012

Belt- Alannah Hill

Tights- Leona Edmiston

Hair Clip- Mimco

I have a myriad of accessories that I like to wear back with this dress but my favourite colour to wear back with it is grey.

The belt below was bought on whim fromm the Alannah Hill outlet two years ago…another one of those yummy things that I didn’t have anything to wear with at the time but just had to get.

 C’mon, you know what I’m talking about…. it has three grey rosettes, dainty lace and baby pink feathers….how could I leave it in the shop when it was in the $5 bargain bin? Besides I knew I would find something that it would match…eventually.

I continued the grey theme into my hair;

and onto my legs with these fabo spot detail opaques from Leona Edmiston;

Hope you are all feeling Oh So Pretty…too!


Princess Pin Curls