Dear Friend,

The Darling Girl had a student free day at school and we decided to pop out for lunch and to run errands like banking, going to the library and getting some groceries. I had put my hair in pin curls in the morning so I needed to tuck my hair under a large scarf to keep myself looking reasonably presentable;

I find that the best way to pull off pin curls in public is to be unapologetic about it…say it loud, say it proud… use a bright, beautiful and fun scarf to cover them up…but there really is no hiding them.

I love this scarf because it has the most beautiful shade of turquoise and hints of caramel, red and chocolate. I chose my outfit to match back with my scarf for the same reasons- it was bright, colourful and full of life.

Just because your hair is all covered up doesn’t mean you have to look dowdy or frumpy. Our vintage for mothers would pop down the local shops and run errands with rollers or pin curls in their hair and people never looked twice…because they looked smart in all other ways.

I say camouflage those pin curls glamourously…you don’t have to hide them.


Princess Pin Curls

P.S Today we went to the WAY WE WEAR  Vintage Fair in Williamstown. It was a lovely day filled with shopping and chatting to stall holders…and we bought some real treasures to boot! I’ll share some photos of the fair and some of beautiful purchases in the next couple of days. Too tired to dowload from camera and upload onto the blog tonight!