Dear Friend,

Yesterday we trekked over to Williamstown to spend the day at the Way We Wear Vintage Fair and had a splendid time. I wore a 1940’s style reproduction dress- I fell in love with its Atomic print;

Dress- Barkins 2010

Vintage Hat, Glass Beads and Earrings- Thrift

Bag-Vintage Fair


I love this hat, it has a really beautiful shape and the red wool felt it so sturdy. I bought it for a song in a thrift shop and have only wore it a couple of times…but every time I do it is very much admired.

I bought two 1950’s dresses, a 1940’s day dress, two hats, a headpiece, a pair of Tiffany blue gloves and quite a few other sundry items;

My Lilac Hat-  from Audrey Scarlett Vintage ….yummy, yummy, yummy!

My Blue Hydrangea hat….with its original, dainty netting.

 I already have a powder blue 1950’s hat with netting… but this one has flowers on it…the same, but different…completely different, right?

I can’t wait until the warmer weather to wear these little treasures, I have dresses already lined up for them to go back with and I just don’t feel floral hats are appropriate for winter, they just seem so Spring/Summery!

Anyways, I will share them with you as soon as I take them out and about.

The Williamstown Town Hall (where it was held) has some well-preserved heritage details that make for lovely surroundings…wood panelling, original gold lettered  signage, tesselated tile flooring and plaster mouldings…sigh! You really feel like you’re stuck in a time warp even before you walk into the ‘ballroom’ where all the vendors preside.

The Darling Girl snapped many a photo of these lovely details over the day and  thought I would share them with you;

I will share all my other treasures with you as I wear them


Princess Pin Curls