Dear Friend,

I would just like to say a big thankyou to all you beautiful girls out their that read and comment on Princess Pin Curls. It has been lovely hearing from readers from all over the world… as well as from my friends that live right here in Australia.

 Blogging and reading other beautiful blogs has been a fabulous way to share a love of all things that belong to yesteryear. So it has been nice to peek into the lives of so many other like-minded girls; their wardrobes, their hair experiments and various vintage shenanigans.

I only started my blog at the beginning of this year and am still finding my way (developing my own style etc.) so imagine my surprise when I received an email awarding me a blogger award from The Dancing Professor blog.

 I was very flattered.

Very few of my friends share or understand my vintage passion so it is nice to dialogue with people who do, even if it is in an unconventional manner. When I read vintage blogs I feel like it is almost a one way chat with an old, familiar friend.

In the spirit of ‘ paying it forward’, I would like to share the following girly blogs with you and award them Beautiful Blogger Awards as a way of thanking them for all the joy their blogs have brought into my little world;

Va Voom Vintage – The fabulous Brittany from St. Louis, has a very fun and informative plus size vintage blog. She does great hair tutorials, shares her sewing projects and does a Friday Fashionista post that is a must read.

Vixen Vintage -A beautiful blog from a very talented young lady named Solanah, who hails from Washington. Her blog is filled with her extensive and enviable vintage wardrobe, hats and cats.

Atomic Redhead -This blog is a true delight! Janey is a talented seamstress and vintage collector who always manages to look poised and fresh. She has a beautiful writing style and the most amazing Disneyland themed full circle skirt…better than anything I could have dreamed up…you seriously have to check it out!

Land Girl 1980 – This blog is like stepping back in time, to 1940’s England. All manner of topics are covered from Land Girl lore, interesting and pertinent film/book reviews and many other vintagey adventures are shared…a must read for vintage gals.

Esme & The Laneway – A fellow Melbourne blogger, the young and talented Esme is just beautiful- and so is her blog. She has flawless porcelain skin and a look that is both fresh and classic vintage, at the same time.

Chronically Vintage -Jessica has opted out of the fast pace, rat race and has elected to move out of the city and slow down her life. She blogs about her love of vintage and shares some lovely scenery…including one photoshoot in a blossom orchard!

If you get a chance check out these fabulous blogs, they are great reading. I’m pretty sure you will enjoy them as much as I have!


Princess Pin Curls