Dear Friend,

I struggle to get the back of my hair looking good when I do an ‘up-do’-it often looks squished and flat…nowhere near as nice as the front.

 In my defence I have cow licks in the front, back and side of my hair which cause me no end of grief…if in doubt blame those cow licks.

So today I decided to try to add volume to the back of my hair and keep the front looking good to boot.

A challenge indeed.

Especially because today was a work day for me and a school day for the kids, we have to leave the house at 8am…time is always so tight in the mornings.

 I needed to move quickly and keep it simple. After I took my hot rollers out I didn’t brush or style my curls (like I normally do) I just randomly pinned each ringlet up…easy…why didn’t I think of that before?

The effect was, I think, far better than so many other up-do’s that I have done in the past…and took less than three minutes!

Ta Da!

 I think the front turned out rather well too!

Skirt- Fletcher Jones via thrift

Sweater- Sunny Girl

Shoes- Homy Ped

I must say I’m enjoying this winter sunshine!


Princess Pin Curls