Dear Friend,

You know those days when your hair has a mind of its own…it wants to go left when you want it to go right?

 Or those days when your hair needed a wash and you don’t have time to reset it?

These are the days that I rely upon my trusty hair net. Pop your hair up like normal and then gather up all those straggly bits at the back and tease them up, gently arrange in the hair net, then pin it in place.

 If you use a fine grade hair net no one will even see it’s there unless they are quite close up;

I find that this hair works best back with 1940’s look so I dressed accordingly.

You can’t really tell but the skirt is actually the most fabulous brown and black check. I split my cardigan open especially for the photo so you could see the peplum detail- which I love sooooo much.

Skirt- Portmans

Cardi & Gloves (real kid gloves by the way)- Laura Ashley 


Brooch- Hunted & Collected

Check out the double bow action…bows on the gloves and on the cardigan….part of my more is more philosophy.

I know, I know….it should be less is more…but I’m hardly wearing any colour….
I need a bit of frou frou.


Princess Pin Curls