Dear Friend,

As I mentioned the other week I have decided to ignore the dreary winter weather and spend the next couple of monthS sewing a treasure trove of summer dresses.

When I am looking for inspiration for a new sewing project I usually pull out my collection of 1950’s magazines or books. This dress was different….. I saw the fabric in the quilting section of my regular fabric store and was bespotted….I love tea cups, I love hydrangeas and pansies are one of my favourite flowers.

It incorporated so many of my favourite flowers, china and patterns that I already had in my home.

Initially I thought I would use the fabric to make a skirt. The pattern is a little overwhelming and I was worried that it would look too much close to the face. After playing around a bit I decided that if I made the dress without sleeves or a collar it would be fine…this would also eliminate the problem of having to find coordinating knits to go back with the fabric (if I’d made the skirt).

So I used the same pattern that I had used to make my Toile Dress except I added standard straps instead of a halter neck and the skirt is slightly less full and has darts.

It took forever to cut out! I spent an age matching one cut piece on the fabric to the next piece and then guessing how it would line up at every join. I wanted to make sure that not only the beige cross hatching ran in straight lines but that the flowers and teacups weren’t interrupted by the darts and seams.


I was really pleased with how it turned out and that I had a rare sunny day to take the pickies!


Princess Pin Curls