Dear Friend,

It is cold outside, and all my pretty floral dresses are packed away.

My winter wardrobe is smarter than my summer wardrobe- lots of velvet, furs and structured jackets- but it lacks the charm and romance of summer’s full skirts and petticoats.

 I am missing all those pretty florals and soft, fine fabrics…. I am ‘floral sick’.         Yes, that is it, I’m missing my florals so much that I am floral sick.

There isn’t much happening in the way of flowers in the garden either…with the exception of my golden Jonquil patch.

 I walk past them several times a day, always stopping to admire their beauty and fragrance….they are a little ray of sunshine in the harsh winter landscape, a slice of sunshiny yellow, even when the sun is not shining.

Not as satisfying as a dress with full blown roses on it….but a nice consolation none the less.


Princess Pin Curls